GoodBy to My Readers

GoodBy To My Readers. bible study

This will be the last posting here. I like to thank all the responders in the past who left their names on the new users page and on the about this site.

To those who got a response from me concerning the offers you could have responded to and helped fund this page, but didn’t for whatever reason—I will miss you.

The reason I must close down is simple. No one responded to my offers and helped. They didn’t seem to have caught the truth that it takes two or more to keep a site up.

I still believe health is important and supplements can aid in the longevity of that state.That is why I put in those witnessing

I guess the main reason I will shut this down is because Host Gather for all the good it does only can do so much. It can host for a fee—that fee must come from responsive readers to the offers.

Also the people who were being paid to help me generate a business from this site flaked out and did not give me what they had advertised. So you can say I got taken for a couple hundred dollars.

Therefore I have been very careful to not turn around and do the same to my readers. My offers are all backed by me.

This may be moved to archives or it may be completely taken off the airwaves known as the internet. That I don’t know. How much of this will remain to be found if and when a person Googles me, I am not privy to. But I do know it would have remained longer if I had gotten more of a response.

Spammers and Porn sites have linked to this blog. Word Press has decided to take away my spam protection because I have offered links to commercial sites. How I was to monetize to be able to use their services was a sticking point for them. They didn’t seem to realize that money begets money– Monetizing begets upgrading.calendar

So until this is taken down, rush to take advantage of the offers in the blog postings before in this blog. Amazon is no longer a sponsor. I no longer have a store with them with offers. The earlier links don’t work. In short, I have had to drop other  stores of mine because of the lack of response of the readers in the past which has now directed me to this present situation.

I am sorry this whole posting reads like a bad, pointless rambling of a poor player of the internet game.



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