The Problem Of Alzheimer’s And Age


As we age there is a possibility we will be faced with the problem of Alzheimer’s.

Not that we all will get it. Just because the body ages and the brain along with the body it does not mean you are a 100%  candidate for this decline in memory and slow shut down. It is not a normal part of the aging process.

What it is: Alzheimer’s is a later stage of Dementia.  When we say dementia we are talking about  the group of diseases brought about by disease, infection or trauma which interferes with normal daily life.

Alzheimer’s disease is the condition that attacks the whole brain and its ability to function. Memory starts to be impaired. The area in the brain that is used for remembering, thinking, and reasoning start to go. Skills slowly disappear and the person becomes more dependent on others.

The early stage of Alzheimer’s is not easy to diagnose. This is because there is a slow advance of symptoms which may appear as extreme forms of ordinary memory slowness that is common to the aging process.

In the first stage we may see the person forgetting things that have happened during the day that normally they would tend to remember. Such things as the lunch menu and the people they ate with.

The second stage has the person struggling to come up with words. And they seem to have a decline in the ability to perform abstract thinking. There may be a decrease in interest in other people and events.

In the final stage of Alzheimer’s the cognitive areas of the brain ease into a wasteland.

What it is not: The habit of forgetting your keys or glasses does not mean you are on the onset of dementia and later Alzheimer’s.  Nor is it the slowness in movement.

The fact is our brain does shrink somewhat as it ages. This is normal. But for a person with Alzheimer’s there may be a loss of around 10 percent to 15 percent of the mass. Neurons are loss at a greater percentage . It is reported that certain areas of the cortical regions , up to 25 percent, may be affected.

There is a vast destruction of neurons in the hippocampus affecting memory formation–more so than from normal aging.

The things is that in Alzheimer’s disease there is a large accumulation of plaques and tangles. This is brought about by dense bundles of fibers called tau inside the neurons that alter them so they look to the eye as a bird’s nest of twists and turns.

Plaque gets in the cells as fatty globs which make neurons shrink and disappear.

Can you somehow slow Alzheimer’s disease? Is there a good prognosis for Alzheimer’s?

e vitaminMaybe. I myself would suggest nutrition. Food helps the body to a great extent. Put good food in and you get good health. Put fast foods in, and you slowly ruin yourself.

The brain needs good healthy blood flowing around it to function correctly. Blood is only as pure as the food that we eat and get nutrients from. Supplements we take in the morning also can help. A good multi-vitamin is recommended.

Alzheimer’s can be stopped if not slowed down. Not all people are candidates. It is not something that is passed down in the genes. If your brother or parents have it doesn’t mean you will. You are in control.

Alzheimer’s and aging don’t have  to go together.

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