The Body Beautiful Is Now

fitnessAll of us want one. As we age we work so hard to get one and keep one. But it takes exercise and good nutrition and the right routine to do so. Our heath is also important.

We need to determine just what a body beautiful is to us.

Of course we have to keep in mind a thing called health  No good to have what we strive for and not be able to face the day in good style.

When I refer to a body beautiful I am not putting forth what you think. It is not only female but male. And I am not thinking in a sexual connotation.

A beautiful body is one that is well taken care of.

I am not making sense. Hold on and hang in there and maybe by the time the article or blog ( call it what you wish) is over I will have satisfied some if not all my readers.

Someone has said that a picture is worth a thousand words. So I will give you a picture of one such beautiful body. body

Okay, so it is a back view. But just think of it. A well maintained body is beautiful. Also a well exercised, not flabby body, is beautiful. Also we should  keep in mind the health question.

A man’s body is beautiful. As well as a woman’s body. (There is no need to limit the body beautiful to a gender.)

Good health and proper diet can keep one so.

To get this body where it should be and keep it in good repair you need the proper balance of nutrients. And that means eat well and take supplements to balance what you are not getting through what you consume. Fruits and vegetables and minerals with trace items is the start.

Does it make a difference what you put in your body as multivitamins when it comes to our  health?

It does.

As we age at each stage there are special needs we acquire. What is meant here is that a child does not need nor is able to properly utilize certain chemicals ( which is what a vitamin is) yet. As they grow and become adults, this is when added minerals and vitamins become useful.

Our health is always important. If we don’t have our health how are we going to enjoy the age we are?

And the needs become even more diverse when it comes to gender- male and female.

Good health and proper function depend on proper nutrition.And proper nutrition depends on the correct supplement.

Once we get the correct supplement in us we can say we have found our body beautiful.

And when it comes to our health we should seek the best.

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