Slow Aging Signs of Wrinkles Today

Wrinkles. skin care

It is something we unfortunately have in our future. It is aging skin and wrinkles. But I come by here today top tell you you can slow aging signs as soon as today, if you wish.

Readers Digest has printed a short blurb in one of its past issues. Read it and consider. Let me adapt what is being said.

Instead of battling wrinkles with expensive creams and medical procedures, why not give these natural remedies a try?

1Egg whites
In a small bowl you crack several egg whites which you whip up. Take this solution and spread  it on your face, messaging  it in. Don’t forget your wrinkles. Wait for it to dry on your skin for about 15 minutes. After the time is up ,rinse it off with warm water and allow the the B vitamins and Vitamin E work their magic on your skin.

2-Olive oil
Olive oil has many uses.  It is able to help your skin stay soft and supple when you use it. Message it in, just a few drops before bed time and then you can rinse it off with a soft towel. When you get up the next morning you will feel your skin soft and it will have a healthy look. Those wrinkles should be easing some.

This feels oh so good. You can do it by yourself. You don’t need to pay another person to do it.Just get your favorite lotion and with a gentle but firm touch work it in.  First your neck. under your eyes, and your forehead.

4-Fruits and vegetables
This is my suggestion since I am a believer in nutrition. Eat your fruits and vegetables daily. You will get your vitamin A and D. This will plump up your skin and an inward glow will be evident . You can also use your local juice bar or make your own fruit drinks.

5- Lemon Juice
In your refrigerator you no doubt have a spare lemon. Take it and slice it and message the juice into the fine lines and wrinkles on your face. The acidity of the lemon juice will cause  your skin to look brighter and at the same time reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your face.While doing this you can breathe in deeply to get the added aromatherapy bonus of the citrus to revive your senses.

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Your Hair Is Important. Take Care Of It

skin care

This article is about your hair. Your hair is important and you should take care of it.

It has many cells to it that form the fiber and the follicle. There are three types of cells which form our organs of the body.

  1.  a Bachelor Cell which can tend to live alone without having to have a long lasting relationship with the other cells.
  2. There is a cell that brings about a Cell Matrix This is the soapy or solid materials that surround the cells. This matrix helps form the collagen, the elastin, our bone, and  the cartilage
  3. Our third type of cell is known as Social Cells. They will tend to bind tightly to one another. An example is our epithelium. They are very nervous being separated from one another. These are our sensory cells.

Getting back to our subject. Hair on the human acts as a sensory device. All hairs are invested with nerves and can perceive movement. The small hairs on the outstretched arm can sense a closely passing person.

It also helps in temperature control. The denseness of your hair captures air and holds it over the skin. As long as it doesn’t move the heat of the air is stable as heat can not escaper through a fur barrier–and such is your hair.

To cool ourselves down we sweat by secreting water. Our bodies can do this at the rate of several quarts per hour.

But back to hair. We were talking about cells and now we will shift to hair, a very important and ego enhancing   part of our psyche.

For a good head of hair on a man we need only look at Donald Trump.

Yes, that is all his. No. He is not wearing a toupee. That is all his.

He doesn’t seem to have mush thinning. Maybe a bit in the front, but the way he combs his hair it is not evident at first look. I venture to say the women wish they could run their fingers through that hair.

Yet some men (and women) start to see thinning and try to fight back.

There is something that can be done about it.

Hair replacement is a big business. And a costly one.

There are many products out there you can shampoo in and comb out. Go to  any CVS or Rite Aid and you can find rows upon rows of hair products geared for that purpose.

And then there is Provillus. This you can order online and have it delivered to your door. Buy it and use it and you may see regrowth. I can’t promise but there is a money back guarantee to the offer.

You have no doubt tried the others. Why not try one that – you can read- offers to help in turning back thinning hair and possible regeneration of the follicle?

Your hair is important. Take care of it.

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Opportunities For Business From Home

Opportunities for business that you can do from home exist out there. Daily you hear about them.

There are also opportunities to take a survey if that is your desire. Opportunities to be your own person.

But mostly when we as people who wish to work from home and start our own business are thinking of handling our cash flow we wish to find something that is recession proof. We are looking for debt reduction and a chance to make a difference.A frame

Opportunities like that still exist.

If you have been following my recent posts you have been reading about skin care and anti aging supplements. It is  the whole realm of health and wellness.

What got me interested in the topic of health and wellness is seeing the people walking around me. Some were already using canes and walkers. Some were slightly overweight. Some looked old beyond their years.

I got to looking around for a solution. I was looking for opportunities to help others.

Not that I was any better than they. I wasn’t in the best health. I also needed what I found I could offer them. I found a place to get the vitamins and the anti-aging solutions.

Aging is mostly a reaction to inflammation. If there was something that could attack the inflammation and slow down the aging that must go on, I wanted it. I found a product offered by  an on line affiliate market – Market Health- called Defense that would help cut down on my internal inflammation. It works. I feel good.age

Next I was losing my hair. Not that I am vain . I just wanted to look good, and when you start to lose your hair, and this goes for women also, you tend to age.

So I looked around for something to help. There were ads for hair restore cream. But do they work?  And do I trust them?

I was able to find something called Provillus which is gentle and easy to use. Cost isn’t too bad.

I was talking about opportunities and seem to have gotten off the subject. Yet I really haven’t. I am just posting about things I have found which also you can take part in. It  can be done from home. It will help handle your cash debt.

Let me therefore offer you a link to a business opportunity.

Opportunities are all around us. We must have to take advantage of them when they come about. There is no guarantee of great profit. But there is satisfaction.

There are opportunities out there. Go out and conquer the day.

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Men Need Good Nutrition

Men need good nutrition. They are out in the world slaving and providing for the family.

Right away I send flags up. The women are say, what about us? We need nutrition also.

I am not forgetting the women. If it wasn’t for women the men would not work so hard and deny themselves so much. The woman gives the man an incentive to improve.

Everything we do requires some energy output. Our daily nutrition of food and vitamins and supplements daily get called upon to keep us functioning.

In another post, I promise, I will speak about the women. Both male and female make up a unit. I only separate them in this post because I will be offering a daily vitamin that has been formulated for his needs and special body. The female has a different body with different needs. Which is why I have decided to offer different supplements for her nutrition needs in a later post.

For a big example if the man has a prostate gland that needs special handling provided by Saw Palmetto and Lycopene. The man would need the formula formulated for his nutrition needs.

Just this one gland alone can give problems if it isn’t carefully watched.

As a man ages it tends to puff some and grabs on to the urethra, a slender tube that passes through the middle of the prostate. The prostate gland will squeeze o nit and cut down the flow of urine passing fro the kidneys to the outside.

It should be checked as a normal procedure. Most men don’t like the exam. It is not fun nor enjoyable. But it is recommended.

Saw Palmetto can help in easing the gland so it doesn’t grip the urethra so tightly. It needs nutrition  for it to operate correctly.

Supplementation with vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and other natural products  will help produce health as well as prevent some diseases. There is no real guarantee.Ideally all the nutrition should come from what we can put in our body through what we grow ourselves. It just won’t happen.

Therefore the supplements.

Along with supplements should come the exercise.

Men do get some exercise, yet most don’t. They buy that yearly gym membership, like to Golds, but never follow through. I may be talking about a few .

Nutrition and exercise. Keep those joints in good shape. This is another area that men need to take care in. Watch those joints.Time will wear them down and they will start to rub together. Soon there is pain in the shoulder, the wrist, the hip, the back. There is a supplement for that also called Joint Advantage.

Nutrition for the back is what it is. In fact for all the joints in the body.

Men need good nutrition. I hope this posting has helped you to locate some.

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Skin And You and Care

man- skin careSkin and you and care.

You may not realize it but you have a large organ that is always with you and is . for a good part of the time, seen by all. It is the largest organ of the body. If you were to measure it you would find it to be about two one-hundredths of an inch thick and covering roughly twenty square feet of area.

It is your skin. It has many layers. The inner layer known as your dermis with blood vessels and cells called fibroblasts gives you the collagen, elastin and proteoglycans which act as the mortar to hold the skin together so you don’t leak.

Your outer layer of skin is known as the epidermis. It will contain around twelve to fifteen layers of cells, diminishing with age to nine or ten layers. That is why the elderly seem to have paper thin skin.

The bottom layers of skin has the cells which rise to the surface and die. New cells are born and replace the dead cells.

When you are young and an teenager you can count on an exfoliation cycle of about two to three weeks. When  you injure your skin the process will go into overdrive making new skin to replace the damage.age

As we age we get less hydration. This means less moisture enters your blood stream and travels to the skin. Wrinkles start to show. The cells become slower to divide.

It is not all a problem of age. We could age and not show it as much. The basic problem is something called free radicals.

A free radical is an oxygen molecule with an odd number of electrons. This causes the cell to be unstable. This free radical molecule will seek out healthier molecules such as are found in our skin cells and steal an electron, bring about damage  called oxidation. The free radical also is able to impede blood circulation and cause varicose veins.

This is just one of the causes of aging in various parts of our body.

We can fight back by nutrition. We can eat well, exercise, and take supplements.

We also help ourselves  by diet and stopping smoking.

By Diet

When I talk about diet I am referring to a meal of fruits and vegetables and a good balanced meal program. A diet will help regulate your body’s chemical reaction. The enzymes will keep you sleek and agile and might help you lose some of that extra weight.

More about that in an upcoming post.

Add lemon and garlic and pepper, cumin and herbs to your diet. This will help your skin.

Let us face it. Your face is a reflection of how you eat. Your skin is what people see first.

Good foods with helping of fish, olive oil and nuts, especially walnuts will help your skin tone.

Also a daily routine of applying anti-aging creams will also help. Protect your skin. Hydrate.

Take care of your skin. it is your advertisement to those around you.


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Skin Care Is Most Important As We Age

Let’s face it. We are all going to age. Not just one part of the body but our complete body. And as we age our skin on the outside and the internal organs we possess will start to show skin care

Just on the outside we can see wrinkles and dry flaky pores. They need hydration. They need a product that will slow the appearance of age.

We need something like what is found in Revitol Products for Natural Skin Care.

As we age we pick up skin conditions and scars. Old age acne and a case of psoriasis can start to show themselves. Our outside skin needs help.

There may even be a survey out there that asks about our view of age.

Skin care is very important as we age. Let’s face it, no one likes to look older than they are.

There is a way we can reduce the outward appearance of wrinkles before the time. I don’t think it is 100% possible to do away with wrinkles completely but it may be possible to slow down the process. If we use the anti-aging treatment by Revitol we may be able to fight the war  against the appearance of age.

Now don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy the process of getting older. I just don’t want to look prematurely older than I am. I welcome the wrinkles that are natural. I enjoy the firmness that this product gives. I wish to fight back at  age as much as possible knowing that in the end time and slow but steady usage of my body will win.

My family has a history of long life. I myself take fairly good care of my body. I give myself vitamins and supplements. I exercise so that I don’t suddenly find I can’t walk or move my joints. I eat breakfast every day as that is the most important meal of the day. It fuels my brain cells to work at their peak. The body obeys the brain and the brain needs nourishment to keep performing.

I shave every morning as I like the world to see a hairless face. And I like to hydrate my skin. I prefer to not show my age. Nothing ages a person faster than wrinkles, hair, and bad posture.

I have found Revitol to be a good skin care product since skincare is important as we age.

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Take Care Of Your Body And It Will Take Care Of You

e vitamin

There is a saying, I don’t know where it is, but I know it is out there–Take care of your body and it will take care of you. Another way of putting it would be when you take care to keep your body in good health through exercise and good nutrition, your body will , for the most part, last and be in good shape throughout your life–from birth to death.

If you have been following this blog you will know that I push good health through nutrition and exercise.

Good nutrition and exercise should slow down or prevent obesity. Besides being a bother and putting stress on your organs and heart, this condition is preventable.

You can prevent it by thinking twice when passing a fast food establishment. Do you really need that Jumbo Jack or that Windy’s burger? Or that milk shake at McDonald’s?

Obesity is a slow storage of extra fat cells over time. It is mostly under the control of the individual.  It can be looked on as a life style choice. It can be sen as a result of modern day living. By this I mean the sedentary lifestyle and the technological advances recently thrust upon us have consequences.

We tend to drive vehicles more when we could walk. Not that every place we go is within walking distance. Much is. There is a closer grocery store. There may be a near by park to exercise at.

Convenience can aid obesity.

Skipping breakfast to rush to the car to rush to the office to eat a roll for a pick me up contributes to the obesity cells. At lunch to call out for the fast food because you need to save time also adds to the girth.

Think about your health. Obesity can open you to diseases and depression and high blood pressure. All can help lead to obesity or a cerebral edema which is a build up of water in the brain causing pressure which can cut down on the oxygen flow and bring about a stroke.

Stress experienced throughout the day could bring on weight gain.

And there is the lack of exercise. Exercise uses up calories which can help lessen the fat cells. Obesity will tend to drain your energy. The extra fat will tend to bring about shortness of breath. This is a result of the fat in your abdomen forcing the diaphragm to moved higher in your body.

Inactivity can aid obesity.

Sometimes it is the activity of your gut that adds weight to your body and brings about obesity. So you will need a good product with probiotics to balance the good bacteria with the bad bacteria in that gut. For a suggestion on what you can use please feel free to click here.

I hope I haven’t depressed you. If I have through this posting informed you and got you to take action to prevent obesity, this posting has done some good.

I just want to remind you, take care of your body and your body will take care of you.

Obesity can be controlled.

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More Good News About Health

I am noticing that I get people who are joining the audience. Welcome to all who are web searching and have landed here.good health

This used to be where you would come and find offers of surveys you could join and get paid or even paid survey sites. But it wasn’t generating a cash flow for me, and if one wants to keep a site up on the internet, they need to have that cash flow coming to be able to pay the hosting service.

So I have changed over to offering health and wellness products.

Here is some more good news about health.

You are in control. It is attainable–health– if you are willing to watch your diet, exercise, and drink plenty of water.

Hydrate. Coffee does not hydrate. It may taste good and give you a jump start, but it tends to leach the body of hydration. It seems to activate your kidneys and bladder. You need to pee more. It tightens your blood vessels and the flow of blood is slowed down causing a higher blood pressure reading.

Plain water is what you need. Not Nutrawater. Just plan H2O.

More fruits and vegetables also help your health.

A good discussion of products for health and wellness are written up in a few of my blogger postings.

If you desire to have a store for heath and wellness products you can click here. 

This is if you want to set up a store and need some ideas.

For personal health and wellness items you can buy for your own use without the pull to set up your own market around  the product you can click here.

Either way, you do need a way to handle your health and feel better.

The body we have is a wonderful thing. If we are blessed to have a body that will be able to take us from birth to death with few if any problems, we should be thankful. We also have the responsibility to take care of what we have.

This means we should use all the means available to us to keep our body in good condition. We should also exercise what we have to keep it in shape.

I am not talking about buying gym membership and buffing up our body. To do so, in my estimation, is abuse. Not that I am against gym membership if handled correctly. But health does not require you to have a buff body. It requires you to have a functioning body.

So for 2016 let us take care of our body. Watch our input of foods. Exercise only to keep the body functioning. And take vitamin supplements.

Good health requires just that much.

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Good Health In 2016

It is a New Year now. It is 2016. The ball has dropped and the sun came up. This year you should make only one resolution and you should keep

Good health in 2016. That is the resolution you can make and keep.

In order to help you start and work toward the goal–which is reachable— you need to have nutrients available. the best way to get your nutrients for health is online.

You came to the right posting for that. I can offer you vitamins and potions both for the man and the woman out there. So you really have hit what I would call the jackpot.

First let me say that staying in good health is a matter of two things. Diet and exercise.

Maybe in a later posting I will get into the subject of health through exercise. That will not be the purpose of this posting.

Of course when I talk about nutrients for health I like to admit that there is no one pill for all that fixes up everything. Just remember, if you have your health you have everything you need.

Age-gender- are just some of the things to think about when you are offered, as I will offer, nutrients.

I am thinking should I be what they call politically correct when I mention these nutrients as far as gender or what? And I have decided that PC is a lot of  horse droppings.

So let me first offer you something that both genders can take part in. And that is having your hair thin out. You would want to treat your hair in such a way that you can, if possible restore some life in it.

In the paper I notice a device which uses electricity to stimulate the scalp and thus, I guess, jump start the hair root to producing more growth.

Hair doesn’t grow like that. And you may be wasting your money buying something like that. Your hair health is too important to waste money on.

But you can buy a shampoo that will help thinning hair both on the man and the woman. This Could be the product for you.

If you are interested in something to help your thinning hair and perhaps aid in the regrowth of some hair than click here.

For health we also will need a good vitamin supplement . I have just the product for you. This product can be separated into male and female supplements since the genders have different needs and different internal organs.

For health it is best to do it that way.

Here I will mention the man first since I am a man and feel I should do it that way.

For the vitamin formula put together for us men I would request you click here.

In order to be fair I will now ask you to consider the female. She needs extra nutrients for her internal organs which are different from the male internal organs. So for her I would kindly ask you to click here.

Special attention should be given to the inner organs of the human creature. Health is not only what is outside but also what is inside the body.

For the man there is the growing prostate gland. This organ tends to enlarge as he ages and soon could become a problem both to his urinary flow but also to sex. For a man this is bad. Even if he never gets prostate cancer, that gland poses a problem.

So for health of the whole man I would offer a supplement to help. To find out more about it and to be offered help click here.

And as long as we are in that area we should also look at a supplement to help our colon health.

It has been found that we need help with our intestinal mix in our gut. We need to put back some probiotics.  So I would like to offer you a link to a colon cleanser which uses probiotics to help the health of the body. Click here for that supplement.

The point of this long post is good health in 2016. It is a resolution you can keep.

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You Can Reverse Your Diabetes

You eat well. You put stress on your pancreas daily and soon it stresses and exhaust itself.  Soon you have a case of diabetes 2. You don’t produce enough insulin anymore or you over produce and now have more glucose in your blood than your system can handle.

You are a heavy junk food eater. Or you drink diet drinks that contain high fructose corn syrup.

Good news. You can reverse your diabetes. Both type 1 and type 2. You can get your blood sugar under control within 24 hours. This presentation you can link to and interact with is digital.

But first let me tell you that to understand diabetes you must understand it is your bodies defense system trying to regulate itself and in need of help.

Near the stomach we have an organ called the pancreas. The job of the organ is to regulate the release of a hormone called insulin. It is the insulin that interacts with the carbohydrates which give us energy. Insulin breaks the carb down to a usable form for our blood stream.

Type one diabetes requires insulin to be injected to sustain life because the pancreas has shut down. Whereas with diabetes type two a person can be put on a diet to match food choices to decrease the body’s need for insulin.

It all comes down to the condition of our pancreas. If we eat excess fats and high acid foods , this goes directly to the pancreas from our stomach. Foods with MSG and our newly created GMOS are not good for the pancreas.

The good news is recent studies have shown diabetes can be reversed.

We should realize the seriousness of this disease.

Type one diabetes is when the body recognizes the pancreatic cells that make insulin as foreign. The body fights back and destroys them. Glucose cannot get in the cells and release energy for the cells to function and the heart to beat and the brain to think. This is why you need to inject the element insulin into the body to replace what it is lacking.

Type two diabetes is when the pancreas releases far too much insulin and the blood sugar levels elevate over time and cause problems with small and large blood vessel causing over time vascular diseases. This is seen in loss of limbs and loss of sight in the acute cases.

You can reverse your diabetes. You can maybe stop and reverse type two diabetes and slash those insulin doses in type one. Take advantage of this offer and when you do let me know how it is.

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