Your Pets Need Vitamins Also

Your pet needs vitamins also. They have needs also that can only be addressed through pet nutrients. cat and dog

Just as you, the owner, need to take the mutivitamin supplement each day with a meal, so your pet needs the formula for him.

There is a formula for them put out by Petbounce.

You ask, how can I get my pet to eat it?

It  comes in chewable form. It is said to be in a flavor they will enjoy. How they came to this conclusion I am not aware of. I find with my cat that the final judge is my cat.

I have two cats. One likes malt flavor.The other turns his nose up at it and runs the other way.  But that is the hairball medicine and is not what I would call a vitamin. Hairballs are not a condition that is addressed in this article.

What is being addressed here is the health and well being which you, the owner, can give them through vitamins..

We all want our cat or dog to be frisky and playful and in good health. One of the reasons we buy certain foods such as kibbles and  wet foods  is because we are looking for the right combination of nutrients for the pet.

I submit that the basic reason you should buy vitamins for your pet and give them to them is because you need to supplement  the nutrients just in

Every owner wants to be greeted by a happy animal when they return each day from the outside. When the animal is properly fed and has the correct vitamins the chances of this happening is increased, I submit.

Let’s look at some vitamins that animals need since equating pet and human needs for vitamins as similar is dangerous. It is true that humans and animals have similar nutrient requirements but similar is not the same.

Therefore there must be a different formula used to supplement the need for vitamins in each species.

A good percentage of these nutritional requirements are met by the caned food manufactured for them. Yet I contend that food manufacturers place additives in the food to make it eatable and sometimes not putting enough vitamins back, so the pet industry does the same thing.

That is why a wise pet owner reads the label and considers supplements to insure the vitamins intake of the pet.

A well pet is a healthy pet who can respond to you, the pet owner, with gratitude and a smile.

Yes, your pets need vitamins also.

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