Thank You For The Comments On Offers

Thank you for your comments. Most are savable and others, in a language other than English, get trashed. I can’t read them and don’t know what they are saying. So, even if I am not an English only advocate, I rather not attempt to translate.


Thank you for looking at the offers. But I wish you would do more than just stop and look. I wish you could respond so that I can keep this blog up and current.

I don’t often come back and post here because I am getting a little tired of writing and having no one respond to the ads in the corners and at the bottom or even contained within the postings themselves. WordPress has even told me I can’t continue the good deals posted in the blog entries’

Or at least  that is how I have interpreted the feed back I get from them. So this may not be up much longer.

The offers are good and that is the title and theme of this site.

I am trying to get you good deals on vitamins as well as health and wellness products.   In order to do that I find I have to monetize offers.

I want to reach the aging population in the world. Aging can be slowed down–not stopped. The body will have aches and inflammation but we can fight back and as long as possible keep our sanity.

I have offered in this blog, in earlier postings, offers that you can go back and find and respond to.

Offers are there. Hyperlinks are not going to be found in this posting. I want to keep this one clean.

This posting is short. I hope it is sweet and that you, the reader, understand what I am saying.

I have a blog spot you may enjoy on this topic. For the link to this blog click on this line.

Offers are only as good as the people who respond to them. When a person responds and takes out their card and orders on line they help the economy. And when you help the economy you better your life. You better your life by putting more money into the infrastructure . More money in the market place that is being used the more jobs that can be offered to people.checkbook

And all because you responded to the offers. The growth of the economy is not based on the person in Washington but on the consumer. That consumer is you, the reader who responds to the offers.

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