Blood Types Are Important. Life Is In The Blood

Each of us is only living because we have flowing within us blood. We have our veins and arteries transporting the life giving substance throughout our body. As such, it is important we have a supply ready for such times we need it.give blood

Times such as car accidents or cuts made by stab wounds.

Hospitals need a ready supply for operations.

In order for them to have the needed gift , also called by some the gift of life, people need to give.

Blood is a force of nature. Each drop of blood contains the entire genetic code of a human being. Yes, I am talking about DNA. That which makes us who we are. It is more than a red liquid. When we gaze upon the drop through a microscope we can see it composed of many different elements.

Red cells carry the oxygen and iron needed. White blood cells act in our body as troops to protect us against infection.

Each of us has a blood type. It is the key we have that links to our immune system. This it is that controls the influence of viruses, bacteria,infections that enter our body just through the living conditions around us. This system works to define “self” from the “non-self” The “non-self” needs to be destroyed.

Our system is able to determine our blood type through the use of something called antigens. Each type except for O has an antigen. The antigen is the same letter as the blood type.

What are the types? We have type O which is the common one. It can be used in transfusions for other blood types until the correct blood type is found. Another blood type is A which is found  among Western Europeans. B is seen in Eastern  Europeans. And of course we have a rare one known as AB which as the name infers can tolerate transfusions of A or B blood.

Where can you give blood, you may ask.  You see from time to time trucks known as blood mobiles. I am not talking about just Red Cross but hospitals also send out labs on wheels.

All they are looking for is a donor who can give a pint. You are first interviewed to make sure you have not traveled to a country with risk involved to your blood. Now they have to watch out for bites made by insects which can carry diseases.

On passing the interview you can graduate to a bed where the phlebotomist will examine your arms to find a good vein to draw the blood from.

You give the blood and then once finished, a bandages is put on and you are released to get your juice and cookie.

You have given a gift of life to someone who will need it.

I would suggest you give blood directly to the hospital where the unit you gave will be used directly. If you give to the Red Cross you will be allowing them to act as a third man–a middle man, who will sell your unit to a hospital at a price. The Red Cross is good for emergencies  but not so good when it comes to blood.

You have to realize that back in 9/11 they collected blood and then that which they could not sell , they dumped. All that extra blood that they could have donated to other smaller hospitals who had a need.

Blood types are important.

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