Do You Have Clutter? Deal With It.

Do you have clutter? Real clutter? Well, deal with it. Because if you don’t you will soon have more stuff than you need and you may become a hoarder in the eyes of your friends and neighbors.    clutter

It is real easy to be a keeper of clutter. Not that you mean  to, but you keep more possessions than you can use. You push things in corners to get them out of your way for a while. You may mean to return later and put them where they belong, but while it is there it still is clutter.

It creeps on you suddenly. It happens over time. You get one too many birthday gifts. You ask for and are given toys you soon lose interest in. You acquire a hobby that you don’t continue and keep in the chance that you will return to it someday. When that someday is never materializes.

First off we must give a brief definition of clutter. It is stuff that follows you everywhere and you are not using.

The best way to handle it is to admit that it exists. And when you acquire stuff you should start by setting out a collection zone where the stuff will be waiting for you to put away each day.

Yes, it is an ongoing daily scheduled project you will be doing. Do it long enough and it will become a habit.

Control your clutter or it will control you. clutter2

Maybe your clutter is digital not physical. Maybe you have too much information on your desktop and need to rearrange or throw out.

Most computers have a recycle bin. This is where you can move the file you have cluttering up your desktop. Don’t forget to delete it later or it will just become clutter in a different location.

Then there is the email. You can possibly handle this by setting up a junk account. This should be the one you use when you sign up for those programs that want a donation, or will send you a freebie for your name.

Of course the best thing is just to delete all junk mail at the start, but you may want to donate to a cause, so having a junk account may help keep the clutter from that direction down.

Another idea is to keep only unprocessed mail in your mailbox. The rest you deal with and delete after handling it.

Delete all the spam mail without opening it. If you do open it, unsubscribe and then delete. The point is to delete immediately. Don’t let clutter rule your life.

There is more to be said about the subject. I may address this later in another posting.

Clutter is here. Deal with it.

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