GoodBy to My Readers

GoodBy To My Readers. bible study

This will be the last posting here. I like to thank all the responders in the past who left their names on the new users page and on the about this site.

To those who got a response from me concerning the offers you could have responded to and helped fund this page, but didn’t for whatever reason—I will miss you.

The reason I must close down is simple. No one responded to my offers and helped. They didn’t seem to have caught the truth that it takes two or more to keep a site up.

I still believe health is important and supplements can aid in the longevity of that state.That is why I put in those witnessing

I guess the main reason I will shut this down is because Host Gather for all the good it does only can do so much. It can host for a fee—that fee must come from responsive readers to the offers.

Also the people who were being paid to help me generate a business from this site flaked out and did not give me what they had advertised. So you can say I got taken for a couple hundred dollars.

Therefore I have been very careful to not turn around and do the same to my readers. My offers are all backed by me.

This may be moved to archives or it may be completely taken off the airwaves known as the internet. That I don’t know. How much of this will remain to be found if and when a person Googles me, I am not privy to. But I do know it would have remained longer if I had gotten more of a response.

Spammers and Porn sites have linked to this blog. Word Press has decided to take away my spam protection because I have offered links to commercial sites. How I was to monetize to be able to use their services was a sticking point for them. They didn’t seem to realize that money begets money– Monetizing begets upgrading.calendar

So until this is taken down, rush to take advantage of the offers in the blog postings before in this blog. Amazon is no longer a sponsor. I no longer have a store with them with offers. The earlier links don’t work. In short, I have had to drop other  stores of mine because of the lack of response of the readers in the past which has now directed me to this present situation.

I am sorry this whole posting reads like a bad, pointless rambling of a poor player of the internet game.



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The Problem Of Alzheimer’s And Age


As we age there is a possibility we will be faced with the problem of Alzheimer’s.

Not that we all will get it. Just because the body ages and the brain along with the body it does not mean you are a 100%  candidate for this decline in memory and slow shut down. It is not a normal part of the aging process.

What it is: Alzheimer’s is a later stage of Dementia.  When we say dementia we are talking about  the group of diseases brought about by disease, infection or trauma which interferes with normal daily life.

Alzheimer’s disease is the condition that attacks the whole brain and its ability to function. Memory starts to be impaired. The area in the brain that is used for remembering, thinking, and reasoning start to go. Skills slowly disappear and the person becomes more dependent on others.

The early stage of Alzheimer’s is not easy to diagnose. This is because there is a slow advance of symptoms which may appear as extreme forms of ordinary memory slowness that is common to the aging process.

In the first stage we may see the person forgetting things that have happened during the day that normally they would tend to remember. Such things as the lunch menu and the people they ate with.

The second stage has the person struggling to come up with words. And they seem to have a decline in the ability to perform abstract thinking. There may be a decrease in interest in other people and events.

In the final stage of Alzheimer’s the cognitive areas of the brain ease into a wasteland.

What it is not: The habit of forgetting your keys or glasses does not mean you are on the onset of dementia and later Alzheimer’s.  Nor is it the slowness in movement.

The fact is our brain does shrink somewhat as it ages. This is normal. But for a person with Alzheimer’s there may be a loss of around 10 percent to 15 percent of the mass. Neurons are loss at a greater percentage . It is reported that certain areas of the cortical regions , up to 25 percent, may be affected.

There is a vast destruction of neurons in the hippocampus affecting memory formation–more so than from normal aging.

The things is that in Alzheimer’s disease there is a large accumulation of plaques and tangles. This is brought about by dense bundles of fibers called tau inside the neurons that alter them so they look to the eye as a bird’s nest of twists and turns.

Plaque gets in the cells as fatty globs which make neurons shrink and disappear.

Can you somehow slow Alzheimer’s disease? Is there a good prognosis for Alzheimer’s?

e vitaminMaybe. I myself would suggest nutrition. Food helps the body to a great extent. Put good food in and you get good health. Put fast foods in, and you slowly ruin yourself.

The brain needs good healthy blood flowing around it to function correctly. Blood is only as pure as the food that we eat and get nutrients from. Supplements we take in the morning also can help. A good multi-vitamin is recommended.

Alzheimer’s can be stopped if not slowed down. Not all people are candidates. It is not something that is passed down in the genes. If your brother or parents have it doesn’t mean you will. You are in control.

Alzheimer’s and aging don’t have  to go together.

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Thank You For The Comments On Offers

Thank you for your comments. Most are savable and others, in a language other than English, get trashed. I can’t read them and don’t know what they are saying. So, even if I am not an English only advocate, I rather not attempt to translate.


Thank you for looking at the offers. But I wish you would do more than just stop and look. I wish you could respond so that I can keep this blog up and current.

I don’t often come back and post here because I am getting a little tired of writing and having no one respond to the ads in the corners and at the bottom or even contained within the postings themselves. WordPress has even told me I can’t continue the good deals posted in the blog entries’

Or at least  that is how I have interpreted the feed back I get from them. So this may not be up much longer.

The offers are good and that is the title and theme of this site.

I am trying to get you good deals on vitamins as well as health and wellness products.   In order to do that I find I have to monetize offers.

I want to reach the aging population in the world. Aging can be slowed down–not stopped. The body will have aches and inflammation but we can fight back and as long as possible keep our sanity.

I have offered in this blog, in earlier postings, offers that you can go back and find and respond to.

Offers are there. Hyperlinks are not going to be found in this posting. I want to keep this one clean.

This posting is short. I hope it is sweet and that you, the reader, understand what I am saying.

I have a blog spot you may enjoy on this topic. For the link to this blog click on this line.

Offers are only as good as the people who respond to them. When a person responds and takes out their card and orders on line they help the economy. And when you help the economy you better your life. You better your life by putting more money into the infrastructure . More money in the market place that is being used the more jobs that can be offered to people.checkbook

And all because you responded to the offers. The growth of the economy is not based on the person in Washington but on the consumer. That consumer is you, the reader who responds to the offers.

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Good Deals Are Worth The Search

Good deals are worth the search.We all look for them and some times we find them. There are times we don’t. But we keep looking.We keep searching for what we feel is the best deal.

It all depends on what we define as deals of worth.

How do we define the term?

We have to be clear on what we want. If we don’t have any idea of that we want, we are sure to keep looking and never finding.

When we look for deals we are looking for the best price for what is offered. We are also looking for the best condition for the price.

e vitamin

For example if we are looking for the quality to match the price we must read the label. I would think the best deal for vitamins for men is found in products geared for gender needs. This supplement handles the prostate and other areas that men have to keep in good health for a good lifestyle.

Now, lest you feel that I am slighting the women who also need supplements for the ovaries, breast, and other organs not found in the male, I can offer this supplement for females.

Both good deals. Good health with supplementation.

Recovery:  body

Along with the supplementation you need to stay in good health physically and that would include exercise. And exercise means aches and pains. That means there is inflammation. Inflammation causes aging and also affects the brain.

You need something for those joints. Among all the deals out there that report to help lubricate those joints and restore some mobility I have found this product called Defense that works and is well priced. That makes it one of the good deals you can purchase.

When you click on the offers you get the best deals I could find.

I am required to inform you that I am an affiliate marketer and when you click on the offers and decide to buy, a portion of your cost is shared with me as a commission. This is how I am able to continue to offer you such deals.


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Do You Have Clutter? Deal With It.

Do you have clutter? Real clutter? Well, deal with it. Because if you don’t you will soon have more stuff than you need and you may become a hoarder in the eyes of your friends and neighbors.    clutter

It is real easy to be a keeper of clutter. Not that you mean  to, but you keep more possessions than you can use. You push things in corners to get them out of your way for a while. You may mean to return later and put them where they belong, but while it is there it still is clutter.

It creeps on you suddenly. It happens over time. You get one too many birthday gifts. You ask for and are given toys you soon lose interest in. You acquire a hobby that you don’t continue and keep in the chance that you will return to it someday. When that someday is never materializes.

First off we must give a brief definition of clutter. It is stuff that follows you everywhere and you are not using.

The best way to handle it is to admit that it exists. And when you acquire stuff you should start by setting out a collection zone where the stuff will be waiting for you to put away each day.

Yes, it is an ongoing daily scheduled project you will be doing. Do it long enough and it will become a habit.

Control your clutter or it will control you. clutter2

Maybe your clutter is digital not physical. Maybe you have too much information on your desktop and need to rearrange or throw out.

Most computers have a recycle bin. This is where you can move the file you have cluttering up your desktop. Don’t forget to delete it later or it will just become clutter in a different location.

Then there is the email. You can possibly handle this by setting up a junk account. This should be the one you use when you sign up for those programs that want a donation, or will send you a freebie for your name.

Of course the best thing is just to delete all junk mail at the start, but you may want to donate to a cause, so having a junk account may help keep the clutter from that direction down.

Another idea is to keep only unprocessed mail in your mailbox. The rest you deal with and delete after handling it.

Delete all the spam mail without opening it. If you do open it, unsubscribe and then delete. The point is to delete immediately. Don’t let clutter rule your life.

There is more to be said about the subject. I may address this later in another posting.

Clutter is here. Deal with it.

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To Sleep, Perchance To Dream

We all have a need for sleep. We sometimes don’t get enough because of our work schedule or psychological problems.presleep

Some of us have what is known as sleep aphasia, the condition where we become unable to pull air in to our lungs. It may happen for a few seconds a couple times an hour.

We snore when this happens because the air passage is squeezed close and the air passes under pressure through the air way.

If we are lucky we just jerk awake. If not…

This changes continually throughout adulthood. It seems our circadian pacemaker advances and our time spent in dream land decreases. This makes it difficult to recover from the occasional periods or sleep deprivation we all experience.

As we age our melatonin produced by our pineal gland found in the brain could lessen. It is the melatonin level in our brain that helps us sleep. But this might have a psychological not physical reason. If this is a problem for you, than a replacement is called for. But there is no proof that melatonin levels have anything to do with the reason for sleep problems.

We need to do something about it.

Adolescents from time to time may experience a delay in their sleep cycle but this is not a problem to be concerned about. Sleep will be modified to meet the need.

Why do we need to sleep?

Is it to save energy? To a small extent this may be one reason. It is not hibernation such as bears undergo.

It may be for the purpose of memory retention on the short term level. Sleep has been seen to be able to help neural processing.

Sleep loss will cause impairment to our cognition and memory and attention.

When we get enough we have a better level of critical thinking and problem solving.

Sleep can also help in our long-term memory. During our down time the neuronal circuitry and the plasticity of our brain makeup improves.

Our health is linked with our quota of rest.  When we consistently are deprived of sleep we open ourselves to diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and some  forms of cancer—to mention a few.

Mental health is also affected. You just can’t say you can sleep when you are dead because you may never live long enough to know.

If you become so sleep deprived that you feel drowsy the chances will be great you will be involved in an accident or injury that could have been avoided. This will be because you have lost some of your ability to perform tasks usually taken for granted such as safety precautions.

A lack of sleep can also bring about heart disease. I am talking about less than 6 hours a night. 7 to 8 hours would be better to aim for.

To sleep perchance to dream. That would be nice to aim for. And you may be able to do so.

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The Body Beautiful Is Now

fitnessAll of us want one. As we age we work so hard to get one and keep one. But it takes exercise and good nutrition and the right routine to do so. Our heath is also important.

We need to determine just what a body beautiful is to us.

Of course we have to keep in mind a thing called health  No good to have what we strive for and not be able to face the day in good style.

When I refer to a body beautiful I am not putting forth what you think. It is not only female but male. And I am not thinking in a sexual connotation.

A beautiful body is one that is well taken care of.

I am not making sense. Hold on and hang in there and maybe by the time the article or blog ( call it what you wish) is over I will have satisfied some if not all my readers.

Someone has said that a picture is worth a thousand words. So I will give you a picture of one such beautiful body. body

Okay, so it is a back view. But just think of it. A well maintained body is beautiful. Also a well exercised, not flabby body, is beautiful. Also we should  keep in mind the health question.

A man’s body is beautiful. As well as a woman’s body. (There is no need to limit the body beautiful to a gender.)

Good health and proper diet can keep one so.

To get this body where it should be and keep it in good repair you need the proper balance of nutrients. And that means eat well and take supplements to balance what you are not getting through what you consume. Fruits and vegetables and minerals with trace items is the start.

Does it make a difference what you put in your body as multivitamins when it comes to our  health?

It does.

As we age at each stage there are special needs we acquire. What is meant here is that a child does not need nor is able to properly utilize certain chemicals ( which is what a vitamin is) yet. As they grow and become adults, this is when added minerals and vitamins become useful.

Our health is always important. If we don’t have our health how are we going to enjoy the age we are?

And the needs become even more diverse when it comes to gender- male and female.

Good health and proper function depend on proper nutrition.And proper nutrition depends on the correct supplement.

Once we get the correct supplement in us we can say we have found our body beautiful.

And when it comes to our health we should seek the best.

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Good Quality Found At A Fair Price On The Internet

Let’s face it. You are looking for good deals when you seek products. You are looking for store3good quality at a fair price. Fair prices can be found on the internet.

Used to be all you could do was to seek out a brick and mortar store and look and price shop.  The one that had the better price according to you got your business.

Now there is another player in the mix. We have the internet and on line shopping. There are now e-commerce sites you can go to and comparison shop. Anything that is sold in a store can be found, to a certain extent, somewhere on line. It is out there on the internet.

Women can catalog shop on line. Men can also shop for the tool they need. They can order it at a good price and have the satisfaction of never having to get in the car and battle the bumper to bumper traffic. You bypass all that when you use the internet.

Back in 1982 the word ‘internet’ was first used. By 1996, 45 million people worldwide were using the internet. And no, Al Gore did not invent it.

It wasn’t until 2000 the bubble burst and two years later 544 million people worldwide were using the internet. 164 million of them were from the US. Two years after that online spending reached #177 billion, a 25% increase from the year before.

There must have been a reason. Could it be the prices were as good or better than what was in stores?

That could be one way to look at it.

If that were so and if there is money to be had by owning your own online outlet why not try it? Your presence on the internet is not just a dream.

You will need a web presence. That will mean a web site. There are many good hosts and web development companies out there who will help you for a price.

Yes, there is some expense involved in the set up. But you are planning to make money at this. The internet is the place you should be.

Or if you are not really ready for the web but would like very much to set up a store, try a Facebook store. In that case you will need to find some affiliate program to push. It will be harder but it can be done.webs

The affiliate such as Clickbank will do the advertising for you. It is just up to you to decide what product to push in your virtual store.

You can always be part of a network of affiliates and collect part of what is bought. It is up to you.

But always realize that you are seeking to offer a good deal at a fair price.

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Your Pets Need Vitamins Also

Your pet needs vitamins also. They have needs also that can only be addressed through pet nutrients. cat and dog

Just as you, the owner, need to take the mutivitamin supplement each day with a meal, so your pet needs the formula for him.

There is a formula for them put out by Petbounce.

You ask, how can I get my pet to eat it?

It  comes in chewable form. It is said to be in a flavor they will enjoy. How they came to this conclusion I am not aware of. I find with my cat that the final judge is my cat.

I have two cats. One likes malt flavor.The other turns his nose up at it and runs the other way.  But that is the hairball medicine and is not what I would call a vitamin. Hairballs are not a condition that is addressed in this article.

What is being addressed here is the health and well being which you, the owner, can give them through vitamins..

We all want our cat or dog to be frisky and playful and in good health. One of the reasons we buy certain foods such as kibbles and  wet foods  is because we are looking for the right combination of nutrients for the pet.

I submit that the basic reason you should buy vitamins for your pet and give them to them is because you need to supplement  the nutrients just in

Every owner wants to be greeted by a happy animal when they return each day from the outside. When the animal is properly fed and has the correct vitamins the chances of this happening is increased, I submit.

Let’s look at some vitamins that animals need since equating pet and human needs for vitamins as similar is dangerous. It is true that humans and animals have similar nutrient requirements but similar is not the same.

Therefore there must be a different formula used to supplement the need for vitamins in each species.

A good percentage of these nutritional requirements are met by the caned food manufactured for them. Yet I contend that food manufacturers place additives in the food to make it eatable and sometimes not putting enough vitamins back, so the pet industry does the same thing.

That is why a wise pet owner reads the label and considers supplements to insure the vitamins intake of the pet.

A well pet is a healthy pet who can respond to you, the pet owner, with gratitude and a smile.

Yes, your pets need vitamins also.

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Blood Types Are Important. Life Is In The Blood

Each of us is only living because we have flowing within us blood. We have our veins and arteries transporting the life giving substance throughout our body. As such, it is important we have a supply ready for such times we need it.give blood

Times such as car accidents or cuts made by stab wounds.

Hospitals need a ready supply for operations.

In order for them to have the needed gift , also called by some the gift of life, people need to give.

Blood is a force of nature. Each drop of blood contains the entire genetic code of a human being. Yes, I am talking about DNA. That which makes us who we are. It is more than a red liquid. When we gaze upon the drop through a microscope we can see it composed of many different elements.

Red cells carry the oxygen and iron needed. White blood cells act in our body as troops to protect us against infection.

Each of us has a blood type. It is the key we have that links to our immune system. This it is that controls the influence of viruses, bacteria,infections that enter our body just through the living conditions around us. This system works to define “self” from the “non-self” The “non-self” needs to be destroyed.

Our system is able to determine our blood type through the use of something called antigens. Each type except for O has an antigen. The antigen is the same letter as the blood type.

What are the types? We have type O which is the common one. It can be used in transfusions for other blood types until the correct blood type is found. Another blood type is A which is found  among Western Europeans. B is seen in Eastern  Europeans. And of course we have a rare one known as AB which as the name infers can tolerate transfusions of A or B blood.

Where can you give blood, you may ask.  You see from time to time trucks known as blood mobiles. I am not talking about just Red Cross but hospitals also send out labs on wheels.

All they are looking for is a donor who can give a pint. You are first interviewed to make sure you have not traveled to a country with risk involved to your blood. Now they have to watch out for bites made by insects which can carry diseases.

On passing the interview you can graduate to a bed where the phlebotomist will examine your arms to find a good vein to draw the blood from.

You give the blood and then once finished, a bandages is put on and you are released to get your juice and cookie.

You have given a gift of life to someone who will need it.

I would suggest you give blood directly to the hospital where the unit you gave will be used directly. If you give to the Red Cross you will be allowing them to act as a third man–a middle man, who will sell your unit to a hospital at a price. The Red Cross is good for emergencies  but not so good when it comes to blood.

You have to realize that back in 9/11 they collected blood and then that which they could not sell , they dumped. All that extra blood that they could have donated to other smaller hospitals who had a need.

Blood types are important.

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